Tipsy happened to find a scrap of fabric that came loose from a fabric woven rug we have by our back door. It actually fell from the dryer as I was changing loads and she tried to secretly sneak off with it but she was too adorable not to watch. She claimed it as her own but some our other dogs made this tiny scrap of fabric the next best thing!

Milly plopped right next to Tipsy in the dog bed and tried for the longest time to nonchalantly swept  it up but Tipsy would calmly till her head the other way or reposition herself to make it less difficult for Milly to swoop in. Then came Toddy who saw from afar what was going on so he positioned himself just outside of reach but close enough to jump in incase anyone happened to drop it. This went on for almost 30 minutes so unfortunately, I as the human had to reach down to grab and then toss it. Amazing what a scrap of fabric can bring to one’s day!


Totally Predictable
Deck Time