So we are back to the dog food shuffle and this time it’s because of several reasons. The major one is that our local specialty pet shop is closing! I was totally bummed when I found out Happy Pet would be no more. I am so totally not organized enough to have done that auto ship stuff because it’s usually the “day of ” that I realize we are out of food. I need a place I can run to or I need to get my shit together. Another local business  The Pet Pantry is my new local option. A complete change in food is close to being complete and that is how we will begin our new venture.

dinner bellWe have moved our adults to Acana Pacifica and Stella & Chewey’s Beef patties. So far they love it and we can feed them less.

I spilt up a freeze-dried patty and split it between 6 dogs! We sprinkle the pieces on top of their kibble. Boomer, Tipsy and George get cut-up Red Barn beef in their bowl to help BEEF the up and they ALL get a their kibbled drizzled in coconut oil.

We haven’t had an empty bowl since the switch! And as you can see by our three special diet show dogs begging t0 get into the kitchen after hearing the dinner bell (the pile of doggy bowls being filled with kibble) they love the change!


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