Little Miss Tipsy is such a diva!  She showed more excitement than any of the others when we got home last night and no today, she’s sticking her nose up at me. If I didn’t know any better I would  swear she is getting back at me for not brining her along with us to the show. This was the second time she hasn’t been able to go along with us.

tips the divaShe went the first weekend we went to Brooksville but she just barked and growled at any dog that came near her at the show site. Basically she drove me insane. I decided not to bring her the second weekend. She showed excitement when we packed up to leave but perhaps didn’t think it could possibly happen to her  second time? I know they are THAT smart. So THAT is why I think she is so tudie with me today. We  left her two show trips in a row. I don’t know how well se would do in the new set up – more barkie or less. I will have to reassess in a couple of weeks if we should try bringing her again. She truly does love getting out an to the show – If only there were no other dogs there 😉


A Double Reserve Day
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