So here are a couple of shows dog secrets for you. They are both going to help you with pigment.

First, like many Chihuahuas, Georgie is little tad in the pigment department. He has what is called a Dudley nose, where it is a lighter color in the middle then the colors darkens and spreads outward. Not a fault by any means, but can be considered less aesthetically pleasing in show dogs. To help increase that pigment – at least for a couple of days – Get yourself Winner’s Circle™ De Nose Nos, two Q-Tips and some rubber gloves, to blacken your dog’s nose in an all natural way!

It’s a two step process that will last anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days, depending on your dog’s chemistry. Using a Q-Tip, dip the end into the tube marked #1 and dab in onto your dog’s nose.  I suggest that you place a figure from your other hand between your dog’s nose and mouth, keeping them from trying to lick at their nose.  Use another Q-Tip  dip into the tube marked with the #2 and then dab that on your dog’s nose. Clearly you want to dab the second layer on top of the first layer, and again, want to prevent your dog from licking. My recommendation for gloves is because if you aren’t careful, it will blacken your fingers too. It colored the tips of my unprotected finger nails. Nothing like obviously adding pigment when the judge sees you showing your dog’s bite!!!

The next tip is how to cover the grays  on your show dog. While white chalk is used to cover tear staining, it is a temporary fix – sometime just a matter of minutes. Sure, you can use black chalk to cover grays, but it too chance off in your hands while presenting your dog on the table. And since most gray coverage is wanted on dogs with black masks, the moment they lick or drink water from a bowl, the black washes off when you use a permanent marker or of course, chalk.  That’s when Just for Men Mustache and Beard comes onto play.

We plan on bringing  KC back out into the ring this year now what she has filled out and become more confident. She is only 3 years old but her black mask is almost completely white. Well, at at least is was! Look how great she looks after a few tabs of Just for Men!  Pretty kewl aye? We went ahead and did Boomer’s mask too – Now they are both no longer sportin’ the grays!



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