After two straight days of OH YEAH results, today was filled with a bunch of coming closes’. In Breed, a good friends dog took breed so we were thrilled for her but bumped to Select with Boomer. Still a point so it’s all good and simply someone else’s day. Can’t with them all and excited for our buds!

In Juniors we didn’t get any placements but today the kids were definitely challenged to get those ribbons. The judge had the Seniors do L patterns. This has been happening more and more often lately. The more Alexis does it the more confident she appears in the moves – so it was more practice – ALL GOOD!

The extra over and time the judge spent with the kids ran the timing smack dab though Owner-Handler and right up until the Toy group was almost done. Needless to say, no groups for our dynamic duo. Maybe tomorrow?





Another Major!
Pimping Worked!