I was contacted by International Canine Events Dog Shows to see if  I might be interest did doing the photographs. I have never gone to a dog show and not had an entry as well. It was very exciting to watch a show entirely from behind the lens of the camera and also allow for Alexis to be a spectator.

Everyone was so amazing there – the staff and the participants. These events are a perfect choice for anyone wishing to get into the sport of dog showing. The critiques that judges given the dogs can be very helpful for novices learning about the structure and balance of the dogs that they are showing. The one on one is priceless! And the chance that you can get an international  champion title on your dogs in a weekend? Pretty stinking’ cool!

Alexis got to learn from and help an amazing woman named Dana as she work with her Rottweilers. I see a much for a larger dog in my near future!!!!!



Can't Win Um' All
Day Two at the ICE Show