We left Milly with Patriot for their breeding so we brought Eddie home with us. It’s a doggy flip-flop! We are in search of a Summer Junior Dog for Alexis to use this year and we have decided to see if Eddie might be a good fit. It’s been a while since he was at a dog show so bringing him along with us today as I shoot the show photos at the ICE dog show was a perfect plan.  Alexis got him back into show grooming mode last night and then today he was back on the lead. He needs some more confidence but is well on his way.

While I shot the ringside photos, Alexis got even more grooming tips and handling lessons from Dana. I cannot thank her enough for taking the time to share her knowledge with my daughter.  Forever grateful! Alexis is becoming much more confident handling larger dogs.






A Show Through The Lens Only
Best $115 I Ever Spent!