So I saw the announcement they made when the Chris Christensen Amazing Stand N Groom came out. I initially thought, “a $50.00 pillow??” Great idea but is it worth the money? Then I saw it in person. This is no pillow, it’s sturdy and washable and and brilliant!

Boomer gets tired less than a minute into grooming him for a show. He plops his butt right down and we spend the rest of the session fighting him to get him to stand back up. A tool like this could potentially shave a lot of time off of the process. So not only did I buy one for Boomer but I bought one for the Chi’s too. Georgie to be exact, since the bum is also whee I devote a lot of time.

They arrived today and WE ARE IN LOVE!!! Alexis immediately wanted to try it out it out on his brush out and it did exactly what was promised – Kept him standing. Now, he was able to get it to move when standing on the towel we had placed on the grooming table. Once we had him and the Stand N Groom on the rubber mat, they didn’t do anywhere!

I can’t wait to try the Mini on George this weekend. In the meantime, I can announce that the Small is the perfect size for Boomer. If you have a sitter , I would totally recommend these!!!!

Day Two at the ICE Show
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