I am so proud of Alexis! It was been a rather trying day with quick trips around the ring and no ribbons to show for it. (Outside of the Breed win for being the one and only Pug entered) and each time she showed perfect sportsmanship! Congratulating everyone in the ring and smiling as she walked out.

In the Junior ring, Alexis was the last in the ring as what seems be always and she seriously nailed it! She did everything perfect! Except at the very end – When she aligned on a perpendicular angle to the rest of the kids and the judge as well. The judge waited for quite a while to see if she would correct her placement but she didn’t. With that she got 5th.

No love again in Owner-Handler and Groups – so after Best in Show, back to the hotel we went so we could get a good night’s sleep so we can try again tomorrow.



Be-Bopped Into A Reserve
Shortened Weekend