easter driveSo everything was going better than planned this morning as we packed up to head to the show and then home. We got a really good night’s sleep, woke up on time and had packed up a large majority of or stuff last night making things very easy today. That was until the ball of my right foot went in one direction and my knee when into the other – DAMN THAT HURT!

I tried really hard to toughen up and make it to the show site so Alexis could show both George and Boomer but I was seriously in a lot of pain and didn’t see how sticking through it would be possible. As upsetting as it was to walkaway, I had to.

The three hour drive wouldn’t have been possible with 3 hours on my feet in front of it. We made it straight through to the Okahumpka Rest Area where I finally had to take a break and get some ice of my knee. Sorry to all of our competition for the absences  – My knee thanks you in advance!

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