The Lake City shows this weekend are our mini Spring Break vacation. We headed out on the 3 hour drive early enough to get to the hotel before sun down and avoid all of the impending nasty weather. We got to the Days Inn and were pleasantly surprised by the very large room with all of the promised amenities. A Mini fridge and microwave with two queen beds and an A/C unit that kept the room at the perfect Pug temperature! Everything was fabulous  until Alexis realized that she left her dog show shoes back home in the foyer. Argh!!!!!

The closest store that sold shoes that we could  find was a Walmart. $25.00 later we walked out with two black slip-ons that if I know my daughter, will never be worn again after this weekend. She is a very tactile child that requires a very special stye shoe that is not so easy to find and are much more than $15.00 a pair! So this temporary fix will hopefully be a reminder to always check the car for show shoes being packed!



Can't Win Um' All
Shortened Weekend