Holy Cow Wow! Boomer and Alexis weren’t the only ones that had an awesome day in the ring today. It all started with Georgie! He got his second point today by getting Winner’s Dog! It was so exciting – only two majors and and potentially five points to go! YAHOO!!

KC worked very hard for her 2nd place, being quite spooked by the very loud crated dogs just outside the ring. She wasn’t the only spooked dog and I wasn’t the only disappointed exhibitor. It is what it is though – Tomorrow is another day!

In addition to winning Winner’s Dog, Georgie also won Best Puppy. They were holding a Best Puppy competition today install of Owner-Handler. With my friends pushing me to give it a go, I decided to enter the ring with the restive the Toy Breed puppies. I tried this in West Palm Beach and didn’t feel that Georgie had a fighting chance. He still has a lot of maturing to do. Perhaps it was my thinking “there was NO way” that my body relaxed and my brain let go. When we got the point and nod, I think I stopped breathing for a second. We got s Group Four!!! WOWZERS! So totally awesome!


Resting Up
Awesome Gimme