I don’t care that we were the only ones that showed up today for Smooth Coat Chihuahuas, the judge doesn’t have to award you just for showing up. Georgie pranced around that ring  like he owned it today – I only had to yank his head up once, because he tried to eat a rock, thinking it was a tossed piece of bait. And as he finished our down and back, the Judge said, “You cleaned house!” as he handed us our ribbons. First for the class, Winners Dog, Best of Breed and then Best of Breed Owner Handled!

KC really did an awesome job today too. Tail and head up 90% of the time. There is no competing with a happy go lucky tail waggy bitch though so I am just fine with our 2nd place. KC keeping he trail up as long as she did was a win for me!

And The Awesomeness Continued
A Repeat