With the exact same ring times as yesterday and everyone agreeing to bumping the Pugs to the end, I had no idea that yesterday would be a complete repeat. Starting in Juniors, 13 kids this time, no Team Figgy love but I bursted with pride in how she congratulated every child that placed and then some! 

Off to the Pug ring she ran and without skipping a beat, the Alexis and Boomer did their thing. So much so, they did it again! They have officially completed their competing with and winning over another Champion three times! It’s not the easiest thing to do down here in Florida along with limited showing, this is a huge day!  Only one more major to go!!!!

And to have this all go down with Rayna and Normandy here? OMG the best! So proud for them to see how great they are together in person. It has been the best weekend ever! I love when they are here – We need to plan more show weekends together!



Awesome Gimme
This Time There's Photos!