Our gimme Breed today also came with a chance to walk the Toy Group as well as the Owner-handler rings. With Georgie being so young and gangly, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to take those trips. Yu gotta love friends that point out the obvious. It’s Sunday – the day when people usually down stick around for groups – and this would be a chance for Georgie to get some Group Ring training in! Needless to say, I was talked into  joining my friends in the rings and found a bystander to capture on my camera!

At the very end of the line, we took our time doing the walk all while secretly cheering Alexis and Boomer on. (Group Ring etiquette says you can’t clap for other dogs in the ring while you’re in it!) they did place but I did learn another major Group lesson. Man these handlers are vicious and petty!

The handler on the English Toy Spaniel let her dog run up on Georgie after doing their down and back and startled him a little bit. That inspired Georgie – who is a very playful puppy – to want to play with the Spaniel. She let him play at first but then when Georgie growled – which is what he does when he plays – the handler got snippety and yanked her dog away, with a snide comment, “Oh yeah, it’s A Chihuahua“.

She then backed away, holing up the entire group of dogs, commenting that I wasn’t controlling my dog. Needless to say, she ended up making herself look like an ass, with other handlers passing her in line to allow their dogs to play with the playful pup in group ring training. Thank you to those that helped prove Georgie is an awesome little dude!

We all got to go into the Owner Handler ring for more playful training. Of all of us, only Ken got love in the OH ring –  Congrats on the Group 4 – and tons of successful training for Georgie AND for me!




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What An Awesome Day!