Attention fellow Best In Show Trolley worn and lovers. If you are like me you have mutter more than once how the trolley would be 300% perfect if it only had a cup holder. I have had cups on the top of mine only to have it dump over once I start to move over less than smooth terrain. That was until I happened upon the wondrous sight!

As a woman pushed her trolley passed me I couldn’t help but notice her cup holder. I so wish I had gotten her name so I could personally thank her for sharing the information and idea. It’s a cup holder for baby stroller and she got it at Babys R Us. Admittedly, she herself got the idea from someone else but now I am here to share with all – You can get these drink and snack holders on Amazon! But it comes with a warning. Apparently they have been discontinued so you best pick yours up before they are gone!

I love the idea that you can hold a cup on one side and in the snack holder you can put nuts or chips for the humans or your bait for the dogs! I got one for each handle – I can’t wait to try them out in Deland!





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