When you have a brachycephalic dog and live in Florida, it is a combination that requires a special set of supplies to keep them from overheating. We have a few cooling towels, cooling neck bands, cooling jackets, spray bottles, misting fans and crate fans. These are things we have used to keep Boomer cool while at indoor events. While at the shows in Zolfo Springs – a full-on outdoor in the heat show site – I saw many different fan options. Keeping a portable fan handy is clearly a must but finding the right one is the key. So I did some some investigating.

The majority had the Ryobi Fan, leading me to think that was the way to go. When I finally took the time to ask for opinions, I was surprised to hear that the reviews were less than great. Sure, it blows air, but the battery, which is not included with the purchase of the fan, doesn’t stay charger very long.  It was the O2Cool 10 inch fan that I was told was the best and stays charged the longest. In addition to the use of D batteries, it has built in rechargeable batteries, an AC adapter as well as a DC adapter.

I charged it up, installed the batteries and put the DC adapter in the car and off to Vero we went. I am here to tel you that Boomer LOVED it! We used it both Saturday and Sunday at the show and at the hotel. (The AC didn’t or the first night so we switched rooms) We did run it in the room with the AC adapter but still, it never once switched to the D-cell batteries while at the show. It ran full power and kept him cool. It’s light weigh, very portable and a new show gear fan. The Chihuahuas’ have there own way to keep cool but did partake in the fan as well. They too enjoyed it but nowhere near as much a Boomer.



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