Georgie made me so proud today! He started out by showing me up to the judge. She said I could choose to walk the entire ring or make a small circle. I mentioned he cleans the floor so I would like to use the entire ring. Wouldn’t you know it! He only surfed once! ONCE! I was so proud!!!! With him being the only male in the ring today, it was a gimme Best Opposite to Super Woman, who took Breed. But it was truly earned!

We had a major ring conflict again today with the Chihuahuas  and Juniors being in at the same time. I literally finished in breed with Georgie, grabbed my camera and ran to the next ring to watch Alexis in with Harry for the last go-round in her class. I was told by everyone that she took all of the tips to heart, performed all the moves and looked FABULOUS out there. From behind the lens I got to witness the judge point to Alexis and award her with 1st place. OH YEAH!!! HER FIRST FIRST I OPEN! And it was with Harry!!! WOW! What an amazing way to end an amazing weekend!




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