We started our day with Pugs and we got to spend it with Rayna and Normandy! Any adventures with them is a true treat so showing wit them this morning made the day! And we are all going out to dinner tonight too! Double Awesome!  The triple awesome part was the fact that Boomer took Breed – YAHOO!!

We had a little bit of a wait between Pugs and Chihuahuas this morning so we started to discuss and plan for tomorrow. With a 3pm ring time for Juniors tomorrow, we would hate for Debbie to have to stay so late with such a long drive home.  Since Alexis was going to show Oz today in Juniors, we thought we best get Harry ready just in case he has to go into the ring tomorrow. He has a ton of coat and using a pair of thin shears would be my assumed tool of use.  We learned how to groom Mr Harry with a stripping knife and boy was that a nice difference!

After Chihuahuas, Alexis had to RUN to the Juniors ring with Oz. She didn’t get a lot of time to practice with him but I have to say, for their first time in the ring together, they looked fabulous. They didn’t place but it was a very large group of 11 kids and they still need to find their groove. Admittedly, she leaned over top him a bit  so she wants to work on that next time.

We left right after Juniors so that we could go to a family friend’s baby shower. It was Alexis’ first time opting not to do Groups for another event. Event seen anyone so excited to go to her first baby shower. That’s me sweet girl!




Time For Teefers
A Very Full Day