Our day started early and is ending late with a lot of downtime in between. We came up early to help Debbie with the Toy Fox Terriers. (Oz took breed!!!) and then the Pugs showed at 11:00. Alexis and Boomer took breed again too – Both boys get to go to grips together!

A fabulous morning spent with fabulous friends. Rayna and Normandy’s visit was way to short but at our awesome dinner last night at Rudy Tuesdays, we discussed our Savannah trip for this year (it’s no longer the Thanksgiving weekend and has been moved to December). We also talked about the possibility of coming up to Myrtle Beach for a show this July. Any chance to see them is a a blast – If we don’t have puppies on the ground, I think we just may do both!

In Juniors, Alexis and Oz were left t do their own thing, with no guidance or suggestions. It felt like a “too many cooks in the kitchen” kinda thing with all of the tips being sent her way. Left to figure it out on her own was clearly the way to go because with another large class (9 this time) Alexis and Oz got 2nd place! And boy was it earned – they looked fabulous together! She never stopped working, kept his tail and attitude up and a smile on her face.

She was able to Groups today! No other family events today (The shower was wonderful by the way). And she got to join with friends! Oz was right in front of her and then Rita and Carla rounded out the group with the Chihuahuas. A great way to end a great weekend. No love for any of us from the judge but lots of claps, smiles and support from each other.


Twas NOT A Repeat
It Was A Truly Amazing Day!