For the first time that I can ever remember the Chihuahuas showed at 3:45 pm and it made for a very long LONG day. The Toy Fox Terriers showed at 8:30 so we have been here ALLLLLLLL Day. I think perhaps that pooped out our little ones because neither Georgie or KC showed their best. George was trying to surf for bait on the floor almost all the way around and KC was a scrunched up ball of nerves, creating the roachiest back ever. Georgie got Winner’s Dog and KC got 4th in the Open class. 

To top off our latest ring time ever, the Juniors didn’t start until 3:00 pm so I was in the ring with George while she was in the ring with Oz (She got to show hime because he  and Debbie won Breed so they stayed for Groups!). Thanks Amy for getting pictures of Alexis (and I) in the ring! The boys will have kick back and rest while we stick around for Group and Best on Show.




Chihuahua Love For Sure
A Very Full Day