I have to say, when I got word they were holding another event for Juniors at the Orlando Cluster this year, I was so excited that Alexis would have a chance to get one more in before she turns 18. They are such wonderful experiences for the kids.

This year that had some amazing speakers to wok wit the kids. Frank Sabella presented The Art of Handling Show Dogs, giving some very cool tips and techniques. We parents got to sit in on the presentations and Frank’s was one I was very excited about.  His best advice? Don’t be a copycat, be an original! Watch and learn from others – but take it and make it your own.

After his presentation the kids got to show their dogs and he picked his 1st through 4th handlers – Alexis and Harry got 3rd!!!!!

The second was on Canine Anatomy and Health presented by Dr. Samantha Nye. Alexis enjoyed this presentation, relaxing she really needs to learner about canine structure.

The final presentation was given by Lorna Hastings Menaker and it was so unique and cool! IT was about Image and Etiquette. She explained to the kids how important it is to present themselves. She discussed how the things they say and the images they post online should represent their image – a GOOD image! Such an import lesson that we moms to teenagers try to teach all of the time. Having it come from someone else as well as with a focus on the handling of dogs? PRICELESS!

After their lunch, the second have provided the kids a chance to handle and be guided by six different professional handlers giving one-on-one tips and techniques. They were all so awesome with the kids – something I think they appreciated more than anything. Learning how to handle their dogs to the best of their ability is a lesson that is beyond priceless.

The handlers had just minor tweaks for Alexis on her handling of Harry – This team impressed them actually. We learned a few things that coudl only be taught in a ring filled with Juniors….  First, he is a sloooooow walker. If you go too fast, he has the most adorable little hop! Second, he doesn’t seem too keen about large breed dogs. Hesitant would be the word I will use. He definitely knows where each one is at every moment!



It Was A Truly Amazing Day!
A Truly Amazing Day!