summer stormI am home with the dogs this Memorial Day weekend with the rest of the Figgy crew out of State visiting family. We have spent the weekend binge watching TV, cuddled up on the couch. Tt was until yesterday late afternoon. Yes, we were on the couch but not for the same reasons. Yesterday it was because of a very nasty storm and a lengthy power outage.

It seemed to have come out of nowhere. Granted, we have our nightly afternoon showers but this was way beyond a typical storm. The gusts of wind were intense, so much so that I captured what was either a microburst or small tornado on video. Luckily, we didn’t have any permanent damage. A lot of tree branches in the yard and four fence panels down. Our trash cans were blown about with the actual trashed tossed all over the yard and our mailbox cap blown off and into the yard.

The other damage was to Dude’s psyche. He has never fared well in storms and last night was no different. He squirmed in behind my back on the couch and in between the pillows. He stayed there until well after the storm had passed and for welling to this morning, he was at my side He even cuddled up tight while bed. Poor Dude!


Georgie is the Best!
Summer IS Here!