A success in many ways!

First since I am returning to take the win and candid photos for the ICE Dog Show I came with knowledge and creativity. I created and entirely new signage system to help document the event. They supplied an amazing new stand for the dogs to be presented and stacked onto and I picked up a new floral arrangement to bring a pop of color to the photos, Between running back and forth to each of the four rings and the steady flow of participants requesting win photos, I was kept busy and on my toes. A lot of fun was had behind the lens.


Alexis and Pryia made their dog show debut and it wasn’t without extreme pride as well as a few lessons learned. They were entered in both of the shows for today and their first time around the ring included a less than perfect stacked presentation. Holding the lead to keep Pryia’s attention straight ahead wasn’t working when it came time for the judge to go over her rear. She insisted on seeing exactly what was “going on back there”. Their second trip around the ring included a much more in-control Alexis with her holding onto the lead and the scruff at the same time. Oh yeah! HUGE difference! They looked fabulous both times presenting the gait, but in a much more relaxed fashion the second time.

We also got to watch our baby-daddy Flint work towards his ICE International Champion title. He was on fire today, showing his handsomely adorable self during each trip around the ring. So proud to have his two babies be our focus for 2017.


We ended the afternoon’s fun with the dynamic duo being entered in the Grand Prix Tournament which is a head-to-head elimination of about 20 dogs. Round after round we would hear, “The Aussie takes it”. The excitement built higher and higher with each round. When it was announced that the Polish Lowland Sheepdog took the tournament and Australian Shepherd took Reserve, the entire room erupted! The pride in Alexis was like nothing I have seen before. BEST way ever to end the day!!!!!




Our Weekend Guest
Goal Achieved!