The puppies are three days old today – The perfect day to remove dewclaws on puppies. I have gotten it down to a science but need to have someone help them while I do it – I need someone to hold them! Thank you so much Shelly for your willingness to help! Plus we got to visit and talk dogs. What better a way to spend a Sunday?

They all did fantastic and not too much bleeding. No rear dewclaws on this litter- YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! We have placed out bets as to who we think are smooth coats and who we think are longs. It is really way too early to tell but as it stands, I am 98% sure the first girl in a long coat – 50% sure the second girl is a smooth. I also think we have one long coat male – possibly two. Get your bets in as you watch them grow!!!

They all did fabulous on their first adventure – Mom and babies alike. Look at them 30 minutes after we got home all comfy and napping! I would say we’re all good!!!


They Are Here!
Pluming Up Nicely