I cannot tell you just how proud I am today! I opened yesterday’s mail while sipping my morning coffee and my smile lit the room. My Heart, Patella and Eye Health Certifications as well as my CHIC health testing certifications arrived from the Canine Health Information Center.I have tested everyone of age but finally applied for their results to be certified. Smoochie, Beamer, Milly, Stella, KC and Georgie all have their own CHIC numbers!

So you understand more about the importance of health testing and then having the results certified, let me explain….

Many breeding programs are starting to health test the three CCA suggested tests; Hearts, Patellas and Eyes. These exams can cost about $45-50.00, per test, per year, per dog. Many people stop there an there is nothing wrong with that. Knowing that the dogs in your program are cleared is a huge step in making sure the puppies that you produce are from parents that are free from these genetic issues. Taking it a step further is registering the results with CHIC. Documenting and certifying the results require identification – in our case, a microchip –  and then additional fees for the three separate test results. That adds another $65/85.00 per dog. These fees add up quickly but also add to the investment we have made into our program. That investment we can then and down to our future puppies and or course, their future forever families!



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