Today was not the day for Tino’s new title but it was still a good day! It started with an early breed ring time but a low entry. We had many marked absent but with Irma out there I totally get it! Dolly had later ring times so heading back to Florida today wasn’t going to happen. Looks like we are bunkering down here in Biloxi until the storm passes. With that said, getting Best Opposite Sex for no points was disappointing but not devastating. We still have one ore she day here and apparently a couple of days to be tourists because with this storm hitting us tomorrow afternoon don’t see us getting home until Tuesday.

I decided to take advantage of the situation and get Tino’s eyes tested at the clinic today. The test requires at the dog’s eyes be dilated which I choose not to do when they have to go back in for groups. That wool be totally unfair and uncomfortable for them. Since the Best Op with no Owner Handler today means no groups, I went for it and signed him up. I am proud to announce that Tino passed the exam with flying colors! One test into his CHIC certifications complete – two more to go!


We then decided to kickstart our tourist plans and went to w local place called The Reef for dinner. OMG amazing food! And being there at happy hour made it all the better. A great local place that would recommend to anyone visiting Biloxi. Yummy!






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