We finally did it! We earned our Grand Champion title for Mr. Tino! And with 2 extra points to spare too! Hey, I’ll take it!! AllI know is that I  am beyond proud of this amazing accomplishment. At 15 months of age, this little dog has allowed me to have experiences like no other. Georgie was my first Champion but Tino is my first Grand and we did it together from the Bred-By class. Words cannot express my feelings!

You take this major accomplishment and then add the fact that my family is battling a storm while trying to keep the house and other dogs safe and sprinkle in that we also won the Best Owner Handled long coat! I decided to give Hope a chance to take him in again for OH Groups while I did breed groups. We didn’t get love in ether ring but this little dog showed his butt off with pride in both.


It was a fabulous way to end a fabulous weekend from a fabulous trip to Biloxi. The weather is beautiful here and so is the food delivery services available! SUSHI!!!! Now let’s pray for Florida – and that Irma steers clear of where we are up here and he path we need to take to get home.





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