This Christmas gift I got for my husband turned out to be a perfect addition to our dog show gear. The 12 volt cooler/warmer for the car saved the day!

Keeping the chicken bait cool all day while we wait for our show times can be difficult in Florida. Ice packs and coolers are not easy to tote around with all of our other show gear. When the suggestion to pack lunch was made last night, the idea to not only store our food in a cool place inspired the bait storage too! With the power adapter that was included, we simply plugged it in last night for it to cool – and keep cool over-night. It did just that and kept our meals cold all day! It is large enough for us to hold four soda cans, four sandwiches and a bag of bait.

Granted, with the frigid temperatures this weekend, I could have kept it all on the car overnight and they would have probably been frozen! But it was the perfect test run and now I totally suggest my fellow exhibitors pick one up.

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