With all of the end-of-year deals out there, I thought I would share my latest finds! I headed out to Burlington and Ross today and to my surprise, I found so really cool things to help make things easier in 2014!

The first was some very nice doggy steps marked down to $13.99 at Ross. We have been using the fleece covered steps for our dogs to get up and down off of the couch for years. They are on the flimsy side but they do the trick. Sure, they can be disassembled and the fleece cover can be washed, but generally, once they are built, they stay that way until they finally get broken or fall apart. They are not easy to store. When I saw this new one that is completely hard plastic and folds into a easy, flat piece for storage, I bought all that they had! They also are a tad bit higher than the fleece covered ones, so they may work better in our camper as well. I need to find me some more!

The next find was a perfect solution for the screen door in our camper but could easily be used in the house and boy do they add a funky and fun look to any room. We use baby gates in our house and the bars do NOT hold back some of the dogs in our house. Puppies ares notoriously slipping through the bars, joining Dewey on his adventures. Sure this new gate doesn’t have a door or a way to secure it to the walls, but it’s a quick and easy way to block an entry way! It is made of wood, with a zebra pattern with “bars” that no dogs could ever slip through – and of course, it’s just too cool! $19.99 at Burlington and they have a giraffe parent too. Hurry and get yours before they sell out!

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