As much as we love Teddy’s temperament, in the three breeding we have used him for, we haven’t reproduced it – but we HAVE reproduced his lack of angulation. Clearly some genes are stronger than others, inspiring us step outside the box a bit – but not TOO far! Eddie’s great-grandfather is K-Cey, Teddy’s very own father. With Three Teddy daughters in our program, we didn’t want a complete out cross by bringing a completely unrelated dog into the mix. Eddie goes out far enough to come back in nicely if we produce a nice, show quality male.

So the decision to breed our now VERY ripe and ready Barbie to Eddie. And he has very happily done the job like the champ that he is since he arrived on Sunday. We can continue to have his way with his woman for another 20 days! Eddie is the man!



Everyone Was Ready To Come Home
Bye Bye Love