So I have been a very, VERY bad girl and today it was proven that I best get a move on and make it right. I bought Tipsy along for some exposure to the outdoor dog show experience and boy did we all experience a lot more – I have not been taking Tipsy out enough and not only will she NOT walk on a lead but when in someone’s arms she growls and lunges at anyone that approaches – NOT GOOD!!!! Structurally, she is the nicest we have produced and our goal is to have her in the ring in 2015 – but that can’t happen if we don’t correct this totally bad behaviors!!! Down form the laps and arms she went this afternoon and right down on the ground is where she spent the afternoon. She needs too learn to be a DOG and not the spoiled princess she has become!



Gettin' The Job Done
Single Day But Filled To The Brim!