Working Them Down on Christmas EveHoly Cow! What a morning! It all technically started last night but still, it’s an amazing story filled with an entire litter of white puppies….

Barbie began to look very uncomfy while we were all on the couch watching TV last night. It was about 9 pm and she began to nest into the pillows and blankets. It the past, she has nested two DAYS before she whelped so we weren’t all that anxious to get her upstairs because she would tell us when she is ready. We did joke about how it sure would be funny if the puppies came on Christmas morning. Just in case, the decision was made for Barbie and I to sleep in the guest/whelping room. We turned in around 10 pm, assuming I would wake in the morning to begin our holiday gift opening celebration.

Babrie Whelped six puppies on Christmas MorningIt was at 3:00 am that I woke to sounds of a puppy being born! Yessiree, my free-whelping wonder mommy brought her first little boy into the world all on her own, leaving no mess beyond the fluids on the towels. She’s so good! Rather whiny and still very wet and chilled, I pulled him out of the whelping box to warm him while she pushed puppy number two into the world. Puppy number two – our first girl – arrived at 3:05 am, weighing in at 4 1/4 ounces, almost one full ounce larger than her older brother. My timing was clearly perfect because the next hour went by soon fast!

Babrie Whelped six puppies on Christmas MorningThe rest time between pushes was rather slim because at 3:33 the second boy (both weighing 3 1/2 ounces) and third puppy arrived with NO breaking in the pushing. Seriously, he and the next puppy arrived 1 minute apart with both placentas still inside while both puppies were out. Crazy!!! The fourth puppy was our second girl and the tiniest of the litter. She weighed in at 2 3/4 ounces and so far, is also the loudest!

Babrie Whelped six puppies on Christmas MorningThe theme of this litter is clearly pairs because the next longest break was after the fourth puppy arrived. After 20 minutes of time spent tending to and nursing the four welcomed puppies, the pushing kicked into gear and the next puppy arrived at 4:01 am. Our third boy, also weighing in at 3 1/2 ounces and also creamy white! The sixth and final puppy, our fourth boy is the longest baked and largest pup in the litter, weighing is at 4 1/2 ounces ending our early morning whelping at 4:11am.

All six arrived in just over and hour and mom and pups are doing AWESOME, all making for a majorly memorable Christmas. Since I am up and awake so early, I might as well head downstairs and get gifts under the tree and the stockings ready. Then of course, research some really cool Christmas Cocktail Recipes!!!


Ya Think She's Ready?
Dry and Warm and Very White