Did ya see it? We did! And we lived it too!

AKC Celebrates Dogs aired on Lifetime this morning at 9 am EST and then again at 2 pm EST on LRW. Granted, I was manning the Chihuahua Meet The Breed booth for both days but I did get to peek at the Dock Diving and portions of the National Championships. I know they come to our booth on Saturday and recorded a lot of video time of  Tipsy, KC and Beamer and I had hoped that a portion of that made it to the broadcast. We did make it into the slideshow this year though! And for all of you that have never attended this annual event, the 2 hour televised event broadcasted today is a wonderful example of the loads of fun that the National Championships can be. This is the first year that have done this and I hope it’s the start of a new tradition – You KNOW we will be Puppy Bowl’in it tomorrow!

Plum Tuckered Out
On The Road Again