Alexis and Boomer got to go in for breed just after the downpour and they didn’t skip a beat. They kicked off the second weekend of the Cluster just as the ended the previously – With a Select and BOB Onwner-Handler – Woot Woot!

The Junior ring wasn’t as streamlined. Alexis did all of the right moves, just not with the confidence we are so used to seeing.  I don’t know if it was the getting up super duper early and then showing late in the afternoon or if she was just off her game but either way, they didn’t place today but I was just as proud as if she had.

She had a very good run last weekend and did not get a “big head” from it. She walked out of the ring saying it wasn’t her day and without skipping a beat, congratulated everyone else in the ring with her with a genuine smile and true sincerity. That’s what being a good Junior is all about- SO PROUD!


Bee-Boop Between The Rain Drops
And Today There Was Sleet!