We knew the rain was on it’s way since we drove all the way over to Brooksville in the very early morning waves of downpours. When we arrived ringside it was just a sprinkle and it stayed that way until right after our trip around the ring for his puppy class. It was when we went back in for Winner’s Dog that the rain became a bit more steady. Georgie isn’t back to his confident strut but he walked with his tail up more than half the time and be-bopped around the rain drops. At home, he runs for cover when it’s raining so I will take this as a win for sure. That and the Reserve of course!


floods in dog ringIt was as if the skies opened up as soon as they finished judging Chihuahuas and then WHAM! Torrential downpour! The rings actually flooded all the way out into the seating area. Many of the small breeds were actually judged under the tents, with the dogs tip-toeing around the puddles. Add the cold temps and that made for a very memorable morning.

Best Day Yet!
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