Today was – hands down- Georgie’s best day on the ring! That is usually the case, the further into a cluster the more confident they become. That is totally what happened for our sweet miracle boy who was a tad full of himself this morning, especially when in for Winner’s Dog. Tail actually came up and I am beyond proud of him!

I must thank Judge Robert Hutton for the kindness and patiences today in the ring with Georgie. George may have walked with confidence but the table remains his downfall. I don’t blame him in the least, so table work with strangers approaching him is something I see us doing with Georgie for a long time. Today he melted with less fear though because of the Judge’s slow and calm moments. I decided to order a show photo to document the accomplishment of the day and that is when I decide to tell him the harrowing story of  Georgie and hawk only 6 days ago. With that he said to keep it up – We won’t let the hawk win!


Another Great Day for the Dynamic Duo
Bee-Boop Between The Rain Drops