We kicked off the show today with Georgie being alone in his class and boy did he do a much bette job than yesterday. None of that slinking, instead, this time he kept finding the boat that was clearly left in the grass yesterday because that had all of his attention. He walked! Tail wasn’t up but for a few seconds on while in the ring for Winner’s Dog but I still very proud of him – He Walked!

Perhaps holding off on his breakfast on show days is not the best move for him. I tried a squeaky toy on our second ring visit. I saw a huge difference with the use of the squeeker and of course, there being other dogs the ring with him. Maybe putting him in the puppy class should be reconsidered as well? The Bred-By class usually has other entries but he is in 6-9 month puppy for the duration of this cluster so we will make the best of it!

Great Day 1
Another Great Day for the Dynamic Duo