Traveling so far for a dog show without showing any dogs has been surprisingly AWESOME! I have loved being able to actually watch the show, really look at all of the Chihuahuas, hanging with great friends, meeting such fabulous people and of course, getting to run the Photo Booth.

Today ends the Regional Specialty – With the Sweepstakes and Long Coats exhibiting yesterday and today the Smooth Coats. This morning bright and early, the Juniors kicked off day two of the Specialty. Alexis showed Mikki for the first time and for being their debut they did AWESOME! Some world renowned completion was there!! Very proud to share that they earned a 2nd! They worked for it!

We ended the great day with a fantasy dinner with some fantastic friends! A delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse was the perfect way to celebrate the year’s accomplishments. Lots of fun and laughter shared with some of the most amazing people ever!








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