Day one of the 2017 National Specialty was kicked off this morning with the Smooth Coats. WOW! What an amazing amount of entries! 128 to be exact! Amazing numbers and so many amazing dogs! It was also another day for Alexis and I to hang with friends and actually watch the show! Juniors don’t show until tomorrow morning. First thing again, of course!

I am sad that we only have one more day of the show  so we are soaking up as much time with the dogs and awesome friends as possible. We stayed close to the Holiday Inn all day, enjoying lunch at the Steak and Shake across the parking lot, allowing us to run back over to watch the rest of the Speciality. We also had club business to attend to this evening, bringing the evening to a close at the hotel restaurant  –  Oh yeah! Another steak dinner!  – The Twisted Tree Steakhouse had the best steak of the trip, hands down. Also the most expensive. YIKERS! Looks like Mikki will be getting so top of the line steak as bait!

Following our club’s general membership meeting we got to go an pick up Stella for her first night with us.  She’s a tad apprehensive but I see her bonding pretty quickly 🙂







Best Day Yet!
Oh My Word!! What An Amazing Day!