We have collected more dog toys than I know what to do with over the years. Holiday clearance deals as well as gifts, toys for tiny puppies, toys of dogs that love to chew and toys that are just too adorable NOT to get have been tossed onto a basket on our fireplace and thats where they sit collect dust. Smoochie used to pull a few out time and again but not like we have experienced this week. Breeze is breathing life into a basket full of toys and making them all her own (or chewing out the squeaker)

She discovered the basket two days ago and started pulling single toys out to play with on her bed. At night before I turn in for bed, I rather up her toys and put them back in the basket. Today she decide to use her newly found confidence (she really has adjusted very well and likes her new pack!!!)  and dumped the entire basket out to get a better view at her toy options. She pulled out toys that haven’t seen the light of day since 2007! You go girl!



Meet Breeze
I Think We Are Good