I knew something wasn’t right yesterday just by the look in Barbie’s face. Her eyes were trying to tell me from the moment that she woke up. I took her to the local vet with concerns of a high temperature and the lack of color in her face. Pyometria was my first thought so I asked for a blood work. I didn’t realize they had to send it out for results????? Waiting 24 hours for results? NO WAY! I headed to Lady Lake first thing in the morning and my thoughts were confirmed.



We caught it just in the nick and time that’s for sure. Once we got in there it was apparent that the breeding did in fact take. There were seven embryo sacks but two were seconds from rupturing. It appeared as though two of the sacks had already tried to self-heal, with what looked to be scar tissue attached to them. Once ruptured to get a sample for testing it was clear she was filled with infection. If they had ruptured she would’ve died for sure.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that we caught this I have followed my gut. Barbie has lived to tell the tale and live from this day forward as a spayed, happy and healthy girl.




Her Final Litter
Give It A Go