Two days in a row against Rufus’ son and two days of a very proud Select, along with BOB Owner-Handler.  The two have successfully earned 6 more Grand Champion points! And they also nailed it again in Owner-Handler. I am going have to check the stats on the AKC website to see where they rank now- Looks like it’s going to be an exciting 2016!

The Judge for the Juniors totally worked the kids today – with Novice and Open getting more pattens then just dawn and back (which made me very happy – love the challenge!) The one kids had to do a an “L”, show the front, show the rear and then a down and back. Alexis and Boomer where back to their in-sync teams selves. I think the only thing I could have suggested was a smoother hand transition on the L but man, I don’t think Alexis has done an “L’ in over 14 months – and never did one with Boomer before! Obviously I wasn’t  the only one that was impressed – They got 3rd in Juniors! Very nice win!



Poor Feetsies!
My Favorite Photo From The Circuit