I swear, the weather extremes over the last days has been intense. Having 8am ring times, and being the first dog in the ring three days in a row has not been to our benefit in any way but we are troopers! This morning it is sunny, which is deceiving since it is in the low 40’s but there is no wind like yesterday – a pleasant change!

The fact that we had to wait 10 minutes for the frost to melt off the windshield should have been the warning for me but  it wasn’t. I walked George around the show site in the sun to warm him (and me) up but the area in the ring wasn’t in the sun’s rays – so the frost on the grass hadn’t melted yet. Poor little dude tipey-toed across the grass the entire time.  He successfully made it to six shows on this Cluster and improved after each trip around he ring – So Proud!

We hadn’t even got to the long coats and Georgie was starting to spew salvia fixed with a weird hacking sound. A quick look at the gums and I saw immediately that we were dealing with  a sugar drop. Looks like that jaunt across h frozen grass burned the sugars right out the little guy! Nurti -Cal to the rescue! Man, that stuff is the best! He was back to his normal self before thePugs went into the ring.


Nice Home Away From Home
Keeping Warm