We got a room again this weekend at the Days Inn in Brooksville and this two double bed room as ceramic tile flooring –  NICE! After two straight days of cold and wet, it was nice to turn in early and just veg – Keeping toasty warm of course. We worked on fine-tuning some show techniques. Georgie needs as much table practice as he can get so we started there….

Since Boomer got a bit muddy so we had to do a quick cleaning to get him fresh for tomorrow. Our handheld dryer finally fried a few months ago so I have been in the market for a small, portable air force dryer. They were selling the XPower force dryer and blower in purple at the show site for $89.00 so I picked it up to help us get Boomer dry. Alexis loved it! Worked perfectly and quiet enough to use on the road.




They're Back!
Poor Feetsies!