We have been in the market for a new sectional for over a year now. Finding the perfect furniture for our dog-filled lifestyle has not been an easy task. We did a two piece corduroy setup that was hands down, the most comfortable furniture ever! It dint clean so well though and we want something a bit more easy to maintain. Then came the module leather sectional. LOVED how easy to was to maneuver and clean. About 12 months in to owning it, the comfort and cushion was gone and downfall of modular framing became evident. Also, we fell hook, line and sinker for the cleaning product program they offered us when they sod us the set. I used it religiously on it. Unfortunately, about a year ago it began to peel and crack. Come to find out, water – ONLY WATER! Needless to say, wasn’t happy with the outcome and we have no plan return that that store again. Finding the perfect blend of clean-ablity and comfort was our goal – This piece with a vinyl covered bottom framing and plush fabric cushions was the perfect solution. While Alexis and I were freezing our butts off in Ocala at the dog show, this new setup was being delivered and set up.  I was actually quite excited about getting home to see it in all of it’s comfy glory!

Once we did get home, I saw that it was the perfect choice for the entire Figgy clan. Not only did we pick out a new section with the comfort of our former two-piece set up, but I decided to lighten things up in the room a bit and picked out solid wood, white entertainment system. It looks better than I imagined and the comfort is beyond my dreams.  Everyone found their individual spot and now that we are home, Alexis has proven it is perfect! She has claimed chair (along with Breezy) and shown that it beats the first setup in the sleep-abilty department. She was out light light!





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