Georgie and Tino spent the last two days bonding and playing in the trolley at the show and I have to say, I think we will be seeing a lot of this in our future. We have had as many unbiased options give in after both Tino and Rio were assessed this weekend and we are all now in agreement that Tino is the one to grow out for the show ring and that Rio would is be better suited for a pet home. She has the most amazing temperament and I am sure there is a fantastic forever family out there for her.

As as we round out this amazingly enlightening weekend, I am excited to share just how much Alexis has grown in handling experience and confidence. We have our 2017 show prospects set and and I thrilled to have them as my show ring companions for the next 12 months. And I am honored to have a daughter who has the most sportsman like attitude, especially in the world of dog showing. When she shows her butt off and then got placed last in the junior ring – even with gasps and jaws dropping ring side – She walked out with pride and said “It’s just her option – Another day at the dog show. Maybe next time will be my time“. … SO PROUD!!




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