With a Whippet and occasional Aussie in the house, having a tub to bathe them in was a must. Sure – Alexis can give them a bath at work but there are going to be those times where we need to bathe them here at the house. (Like today because we have an event this weekend!) After reading tons of great reviews, I decided to give a Booster Bath a shot. I was able to find the large version in lilac, along with the steps for $200.00 delivered to the front porch in less than 7 days! Great deal! And it was the perfect choice too.

Both Pryia and Breezy fit in it perfectly and by using it on the back deck, the water feeds through the hose and right onto the ground – PERFECT! I recommend it to anyone with a larger dog. Using it along with a standard garden hose makes giving your dog bath easy as ever! Two thumbs for sure!



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