We will always join in on the fun of a B-Match when we can. They are a great way to get some practice with the dogs and of course, a perfect opportunity to socialize them as well. When we heard about the Brevard County kennel club holding their  Match today we knew it would be a great opportunity for Stella and Breezy to get some show experience. We had also heard about Fast Cat. Not knowing anything about it we weren’t too sure what to expect. Once we arrived we knew this was something we had to try!

Our morning started with Stella as the only Chihuahua entry. For her first time in the show ring I will have to say we need to work on her been around strangers. She walked “away” for the judge but I had some difficulty getting her to approach. We also have some table work to do. Confidence is something we must definitely build. When we went back in for the toy group she actually walked around the rain with her tail up! Balked on the table bit the judge was beyond patient and awesome. She clearly saw our special girl for who she is and gave her second place. So Proud!

Alexis had two dogs entered today. Priya in the herding group and Breezy in the hounds group. The herding group went first and do none of our surprise, she and Priya were fabulous out there! She then took Breezy in. We have worked so hard getting her comfortable with us, Our home, and our pack of Chihuahuas, that we needed today to see where we needed to go with her show experience. She is much more confidence than she was but she still has a ways to go. She was very happy to do what Alexis asked, but not without reservations. Confidence and table work seem to be in both of our futures.

Priya took first in the herding Group, proving yet again her movement is beautiful and her team work with Alexis is stunning. This teamwork was very evident when they participated in Junior showmanship in the match as well. They earned a first place in class and second in juniors.

After we finished all of the confirmation competition, we moved on over to the Fast Cat luring course. Oh my word is that cool! With Breezy being a site hound we thought perhaps this might be something right up her alley. After watching several others run the course we gave breezy a try. Alexis stood with her at the starting line with me at the finish. Needless to say that didn’t work well. You need to have the person the dog really wants to be at the finish. Alexis is her person! We waited until the very end and gave it another go. With Alexis leading her down the course Breezy did it! We are very proud! Alexis has decided she wants to work with Breezy and get her going with luring. They’re doing Fast Cat in Ocala. Can’t wait to see how these two progress!






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