… Sorta!

Was an early morning rain time we kicked off today with the Whippets, freezing cold and shaking. We are still learning a lot about this breed and it never occurred to me to pick up a jacket for her. The other whippets we’re kept warm with jackets and wraps. Renée taught us how to not only keep Breezy warm with body contact but to also use soft and slow rubbing of your hands down her back to calm her ring-side. Technique definitely calm her but I’m not too sure about keeping her warm. It looks like I’m going to have to find a custom jacket for our sweet girl. In the meantime we’ll do what we can with what we have.




We were able to get the registration papers for Breezy all set up so that she could show her in Juniors today, and for the rest of the weekend. She would have a much better chance competing with a larger dog. Of course Juniors was a conflict with Australian Shepherd so she picked juniors and Renée took Priya in. To top it off it was one of the last ring times of the day. Go figure!




Priya and Renée we’re seamless, so much so they took best-of-breed! No love in groups but they still looked wonderful! Alexis and Breezy did their thing in the junior ring. She was much more noticeable with a larger dogs but it was also very noticeable that Breezy was rather uncomfortable. This was her last day showings this weekend. I see some additional socialization at the show site in our future.

While the big dogs had their ring times today the little ones got to bond with their new show home – the new Best in Show Trolley! It was perfect! It kept them warm in the morning, cool in the afternoon and comfortable enough can nap the day away at a very loud and active show site. That’s a total win in my book!








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